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How To Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution

Weight LossWe do not have the magic weight loss pill yet, although science and technology seem closer to inventing one every day. If you are already struggling to maintain your New Year’s resolution for weight loss here are some tips to help you stay motivated and get through the tough times.

  • Too fast- too furious: Don’t begin by thinking you can lose all the weight immediately. That requires extreme calorie restriction and an exercise schedule you will not be able to maintain in for the rest of your life. Too much, too fast will impeded your weight loss in the future as it also confuses your metabolic system overtime. Do it the old fashioned way. Eat healthy and exercise.
  • Keep a journal for 3 days: Write down what you eat and when you eat for three days. Study your own eating habits and see where you can make changes. For example, perhaps you notice you skip breakfast or eat too little and then overeat during the evening. Perhaps you are using a whole lot of butter. Be your own private investigator.
  • Make a specific plan: You can’t get to where you want to go without a map. Write down specifically what you will eat and how often you will exercise. Start small (baby steps) if you have to build momentum. Break your “trip” into a series of destinations. If you are driving from NYC to LA there are going to be plenty of landmarks along the way.
  • You Got a Friend: Use the buddy system. You are much less likely to skip the gym if you have plans to meet your buddy there. Be accountable and encouraging to each other!
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