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Best Vein Doctor in Morris County

If you suffer from vein disease and are looking for relief from a treatment clinic in Morris County, Dr. Seaver and the Laser & Vein Center of North Jersey are here to help. As a nationally-renowned board-certified vascular surgeon and a Diplomate of the American Board of Phlebology, Dr. Seaver and his professional team are dedicated to helping their patients look and feel their best.

When Should You Visit a Vein Treatment Center?

Veins circulate oxygen-poor blood back to the heart to be enriched again, so vein diseases are both uncomfortable and unhealthy when left unattended. Some of the symptoms of vein disease are caused by valve damage which can increase pressure on the walls of the veins and lead to inflammation and more harm to the veins.

leg varicose veins

Some common vein disease symptoms include:

  • leg swelling
  • leg pain
  • leg ulcers
  • darkening of the skin
  • bleeding from behind the legs

If you recognize one or more of these signs, you may already have significant damage and may need prompt medical attention to prevent it from worsening.

Spider and Varicose Vein Treatments

Depending on the severity of the case, there are both surgical and nonsurgical methods of relieving these symptoms, preventing further complications, and reducing the appearance of spider and varicose veins. Our treatments at the Laser & Vein Center of North Jersey include sclerotherapy, endovenous techniques, surface laser treatments and surgery.

  • Injection sclerotherapy uses the FDA approved drug Sotradecol, which is pain-free, unlike typical saline solutions; it works by causing the walls of the spider vein to swell, stick together, and seal shut.
  • Laser sclerotherapy works by placing the laser directly on the skin with the vein. The laser basically closes the vein in order to stop the blood flow and get rid of any purple or red veins. 
  • Endovenous techniques use small probes that are inserted into the varicose vein and heated to cauterize it in order to seal it shut.

Only when a person’s varicose veins become really large do we resort to surgery

Dr. Philip Seaver of the Laser & Vein Center of North Jersey provides expert service in the diagnosis and treatment of varicose and spider veins to patients in Madison, Morristown, Chatham, East Hanover, Morris Plane, and all other communities in Morris County. By focusing on each client’s unique concerns and needs, our specialists provide individualized care with state-of-the-art technology for optimal health, aesthetics, and patient satisfaction. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call us today at 973-786-2242 to speak with our staff. Our center also provides expert facial and skin treatments, body sculpting, platelet rich plasma and all cosmetic procedures.