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Cosmetic Weight Loss – Liposuction, SmartLipo, and CoolSculpting

There are many different types of cosmetic weight loss procedures for individuals to choose from, depending on the desire result.  The three most popular choices for cosmetic weight loss are SmartLipo, Liposuction, and CoolSculpting.  These three options are proven safe, effective, an

How To Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution

We do not have the magic weight loss pill yet, although science and technology seem closer to inventing one every day. If you are already struggling to maintain your New Year’s resolution for weight loss here are some tips to help you stay motivated and get through the tough time

Winter Cosmetic Treatments

Winter is a great time to schedule procedures and treatments at North Jersey Laser and Vein. Board Certified Phlebologist, Dr. Seaver, says, “Patients have extra time with holiday breaks to come in for an appointment.” SmartLipo is a laser liposuction treatment that delivers fabulous

How to Combat Dry, Winter Skin

We all know winter can bring dry, cracked and irritated skin. As the temperature drops, the heat goes up and our skin dries out. Go outside and the winds can whip your lips and crack them so fast that your medicinal chapstick dashes any hopes for a sultry, wintery red lipstick. Most o

The SmartLipo Procedure

Let’s begin with a brief history of traditional liposuction. Traditional liposuction was introduced into the United States around 1982. During the early years of traditional liposuction, large tube-like cannulas were used to vigorously remove excess fat from areas. At that time, tradi

Doing a Facial at Home

Have you considered giving your skin a tune up? Many of us have skin that is crying out for attention after another cold, dry winter. Snow or no snow, when the temperatures drop the heat goes up at home and at work and our skin reacts. Dryness and cracking. Flaking and peeling noses.

Looking Like Barbie

A mother peaks inside her young daughter’s bedroom. The walls of the small room reveal the enormous transition occurring in her daughter’s world. Paintings with fairy tale images now hang beside photos of impossibly perfect teen idols ripped from a magazine. These young, alluring face

How to Treat Spider Veins

You deserve great looking legs all year round! Even if you never experience the pain of deep venous problems, spider veins are unsightly. When everyone else is wearing garments that reveal their legs, you feel the need to cover yours. It’s estimated that at least half of all women are

Sclerotherapy vs Laser Vein Therapy

It’s estimated that half of the female population and a growing number of men have spider veins and mild varicose veins. Contributing factors are heredity, weight gain, pregnancy and hormonal changes, along with occupations that require long periods of sitting, standing and air travel
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