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How to Combat Dry, Winter Skin

We all know winter can bring dry, cracked and irritated skin. As the temperature drops, the heat goes up and our skin dries out. Go outside and the winds can whip your lips and crack them so fast that your medicinal chapstick dashes any hopes for a sultry, wintery red lipstick. Most of us remember that drinking lots of water and using a rich, oil-based moisturizer can help but here are some other winter skincare tips:

  • Avoid alcohol (in your products and in your beverages): It dries out your skin even more! It is the holiday season so there will probably be some cocktails but be sure to watch your intake and load up on water to counteract the alcohol.
  • Use a gentle cleanser (think of a baby’s skin): Go for a fragrance-free one that’s “super fatted” meaning filled with lots of extra oils. Gentle cleansers will not strip you skin of natural oils that protect and shield your skin from the elements.
  • Exfoliate (but not if your skin is already irritated): Exfoliating can help slough off dead cells and keep fresh, new skin on the surface. Say bye-bye to flakes with regular exfoliation. Remember, be gentle the power is in the product not the scrubbing.
  • Avoid Superhot Showers or Baths (warm is ok): Superhot water breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin which leads to loss of moisture.
  • Lock in moisture after your bath or shower (when you pores are thirsty!): Pat skin dry and apply your moisturizer.
  • Slather on the sunscreen (not just in the summer): Winter sun – combined with snow glare – can damage your skin. It may be cold but the sun is still out!
  • Use a humidifier (you can even find them at drugstores): Humidifiers restore moisture in the air and your skin. Humidifiers also help you get your ZZZ’s.
  • Shed wet clothes immediately (be sure to do this indoors!): Damp, wet clothes or shoes can irritate your skin and cause a flare-up. Keep an extra pair of socks handy for those wet and sloppy walks to work.

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