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Looking Like Barbie

A mother peaks inside her young daughter’s bedroom.

The walls of the small room reveal the enormous transition occurring in her daughter’s world. Paintings with fairy tale images now hang beside photos of impossibly perfect teen idols ripped from a magazine. These young, alluring faces with florescent white smiles stare back at the mother as to say, “She’s our little one now. The words she uses, the clothes she wears, the ideas she tells you are her own…and the dreams for her future, those are ours too.”

The little girl sits on the floor with her two most favorite dolls in each hand. Both dolls are blonde and clothed in hot pinks, sequins and ruffles, the kind of clothing you might see on a Las Vegas showgirl. The type of clothes most girls wish they could wear each and every day of their lives.

The little girl whispers an imaginary conversation, most of which the mother can only faintly make out.

“I’m prettier than you.” She whispers to the doll in her right hand.

“No,” she says to the other, “I am the prettiest, you’re fat and your dress is yucky.”

“No, no,” the little girl continues, “you’re fat, and have and ugly face and your hair is orangey, and your face is freckly and you’re short like an elf!”

The mother could not stop herself from making an audible gasp. What was her beautiful, perfect daughter saying? Had she already been punished and bullied by the world for her supposed “imperfections”? The mother knew she had to step in and talk with her right now, but what would she say? What answers could she provide for the way the world portrays beauty? How would she begin a dialogue? Why does being a girl or being a woman come with the burden of unattainable beauty, the burden of Barbie?

Dr. Seaver and the team at Laser & Vein Center of North Jersey believe in real, attainable beauty. “True beauty comes from within,” says Dr. Seaver. “This belief informs all that we do. We enhance each individual’s natural beauty; we do not seek to change their inherent beauty. When my clients feel their most beautiful, their confidence shines through. That is how I know I have successfully done my job.”