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Phoenician Facial™

Phoenician Facial™ is actually a combination of Erbium laser peels and BBL™ treatments to counter the effects of the sun, which are called photoaging effects, over the years. The Erbium laser peel or MicroLaserPeel™ instantly changes the texture of the skin and removes fine and some deeper wrinkles and mild to moderate acne scarring. The addition of multiple BBL™ treatments for sunspots or age spots, followed by treatment for red blotchiness, spider veins (broken capillaries), or telangiectasias and rosacea makes this the ultimate treatment for photorejuvenation with the least downtime.

The combination of these modalities performed at the same visit is done with topical anesthesia of the face. Five treatments are recommended to get the best result, a true “wow” effect.

What can I expect with a Phoenician Facial™?

Your pore size and acne scarring is reduced, the texture of the skin becomes much smoother, and the skin becomes tighter, markedly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and often tightening the skin of the jowls, cheeks, and neck. A tired, older-looking neck and face can be made more radiant and younger looking without drastic (and sometimes face and life altering) plastic surgery. Variations on the treatments can be made by substituting SkinTyte II™ for one of the other treatments, when wrinkles or skin laxity is the major problem. If the neck “waddle” or laxity is large, SmartLipo™ should be considered.

When can I have a Phoenician Facial™?

The treatments can be performed year round, but exposure to the sun may be limited following the series. For this reason, many patients will have their procedures done in the fall and winter. Different skin types may require pretreatment for several weeks prior to having their treatment to maximize the results.

Can all skin types be treated by the Phoenician Facial™?

Yes, but as with the FotoFacial® treatment, lighter skin types will be treated with a different combination of the BBL™ treatments than darker skin types. Pretreatment is recommended prior to treatments in any darker skin types, and test spots may be required.

Who will perform the procedures?

In New Jersey, all laser procedures are performed by Dr. Seaver. Certain other adjunctive procedures and explanations will be performed by our well-trained and expert skin care specialists and nurses.

What skin conditions can be treated with Phoenician Facial™?

Some of the conditions addressed by this procedure include the following:

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*Facial treatment services, namely, facial treatments involving the application of a laser peel and multiple treatments utilizing Broad Band Light at the same sitting