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Slim Down With CoolSculpting

31-200x3001January 1st you were determined. January 2nd you were stoic, tossing holiday chocolates and sweets given to you by family and friends in the trash. January 3rd you were sore from 2 hours at the gym, so January 4th you took the day off. January 5th you felt sorer than the day before so you grabbed the remote control and ordered in Chinese food. Sound familiar?

It is now February. Many of us who started out the New Year with the best intentions and the most impressive resolutions have fallen off the treadmill onto the couch. If you are one of the lucky who are relatively fit but concerned with a few hard to lose areas like love handles, a muffin top, saddle bags or other unwanted bulges, Laser and Vein Center of North Jersey can help get you back on track with SmartLipo™ and CoolSculpting® body sculpting treatments.

The FDA-approved, SmartLipo™ Laser available at Laser and Vein Center of North Jersey provides a less invasive alternative to traditional liposuction surgery and does not require general anesthesia. In addition to melting away stubborn fat, skin tightening is performed at the same time to lessen wrinkly or sagging skin in problem areas.

CoolSculpting at Laser and Vein Center of North Jersey also addresses areas with excess fat that are hard to reduce through diet and exercise alone. It’s totally non-surgical, FDA-cleared, and there’s usually no downtime whatsoever. CoolSculpting was developed by Harvard scientists; the unique, patented, clinically proven procedure involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin. There’s no knife. No suction hoses. No needles. No lasers, even. After your treatment, you get on with your busy day.

Get back on track with your New Year’s resolutions at Laser and Vein Center of North Jersey. There’s still time!

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