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Realistic Goals for Cosmetic Surgery

If you had Angelina’s lips, Michelle Pfeiffer’s eyes, J.Lo’s booty, Halle Berry’s cheekbones and Heidi Klum’s legs, chances are you would look like a Mr. Potato Head. We each have our own beautiful and distinct shape and frame that calls for “haute”cosmetic treatments and...

The Phoenician Facial

You might have heard about it in the grocery store or in line at the bank. Everyday women in North Jersey are getting WOW’ed by the results of the Phoenician® Facial. The Phoenician Facial is the brainchild of, Philip Seaver, M.D., Medical Director of North Jersey Laser &...

Board Certified Vascular and Cardiothoracic Surgeon

There are a lot of real, horror stories out there about patients seeing “doctors” who are non-certified and wind up being hurt or sometimes worse,” states Dr. Philip Seaver. “My patients come to me because I have been referred to them by a friend and because they can relax,...

Cosmetic Lip Enhancement

Do you remember your first kiss? The boy in kindergarten with long eyelashes who shared his sandwich with you? The little girl with blonde curls who beat the boys at kickball? It is a magical memory and one that seems like a lifetime ago. What if we told you that at Laser and...

Reveal the Real You Seminar

Reward yourself as you work on your New Year’s resolutions! Let us inspire you to stay motivated by looking your best! This January, we are offering events and specials to help you continue with your New You Resolution. Dr. Seaver explains, “January is a very important time of...
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