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The SmartLipo Procedure

Let’s begin with a brief history of traditional liposuction.

Traditional liposuction was introduced into the United States around 1982. During the early years of traditional body contouringliposuction, large tube-like cannulas were used to vigorously remove excess fat from areas. At that time, traditional liposuction could only be performed under general anesthesia, and was associated with so much blood loss that patients frequently required hospitalization and blood transfusions. Unfortunately, general anesthesia presents real potential for complications. General anesthesia also means that the recovery process will be long and grueling. In the end, traditional liposuction patients were left extremely bruised and very often with uneven results.

In 1985, Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein, M.D., revolutionized liposuction surgery when he developed the “tumescent technique,” which allows liposuction patients to undergo only local anesthesia which virtually eliminates surgical blood loss.

In the tumescent technique for liposuction that modern day laser lipolysis procedures such as SmartLipo™ (available at Laser and Vein Center of North Jersey) employ, lidocaine and epinephrine are injected into the fat beneath the skin, causing the targeted area to become tumescent, in other words, swollen and firm. The local anesthetic provides such complete local anesthesia, that it eliminates the need for general anesthesia. Also, the drug epinephrine (adrenaline) provides vasoconstriction so that it virtually eliminates surgical bleeding during tumescent liposuction. By eliminating the risks of general anesthesia and the risks of excessive surgical bleeding, the tumescent technique for liposuction (used in SmartLipo procedures) has eliminated the greatest dangers associated with the older forms of liposuction.

Because the tumescent technique which delivers local anesthesia is a safer form of liposuction, it has become the worldwide standard of care and preferred by Dr. Seaver at Laser & Vein Center of North Jersey. Not only has the tumescent technique (and modern laser liposuction procedures like SmartLipo that integrate the improved technique) proven to be safer than the older techniques that required general anesthesia, it has also proven to be less painful, has minimized post-operative recovery time, and has produced optimal cosmetic results.

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